Directors / Hannah Bon

director portrait

Hannah Bon is a Japanese Dutch director, photographer and mixed media artist.

Her cinematic work is inspired by her Japanese heritage, fashion and surrealism and leans into an unconventional, strange, and sensorial world.

Hannah is able to toggle between eccentric tongue-in-cheek and subtle and visceral style. Constantly exploring new techniques to incorporate into her work, her films and photography are a blend of digital and fine art, 3D animations, collage and unconventional materials.


Her most recent film, Paired Flowers (組の花), received Silver for Best Fashion Film at 1.4 Film Festival and made the Top 10 at the Berlin Commercial Festival. Her work has been recognized by the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, and the London Short Film Festival and has been featured in publications such as NownessShots, Beyond the Short and Boooooom


Often getting inquiries from inspiring new fashion brands to help create and collaborate on their new content and has created content for fashion brand Anine Bing, fashion magazine LADYGUNN and fashion agency Photogenics Media.


She was born in Japan and raised in Holland, UK and Brazil and is currently based in Los Angeles. She speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.