Directors / PXKRW

director portrait

PXKRW create dream worlds and situations that are artificial but hyperreal, spectacular yet sublime. As directors and artists, they make videos, visual experiences, short films, and immersive content, influencing new modes of storytelling. 

PXKRW have built their compelling universe, making the familiar alien and vice versa, elevating evolving identities and empowering narratives. 

They collaborated with Nike, Adidas (Gold + Silver Cannes Lion), Burberry, Hugo, and Meow Wolf. They created visionary pieces with Peaches, Sampa the Great, and Sevdaliza.
Hailing from club culture, with a background in fine art, film, and digital media, PXKRW synthesize their unique sensitivity and distinctive style to shape inclusive realities and build new mythologies. 

Their work has been exhibited internationally (Saatchi Gallery, MOCA Shanghai, Berlin Art Week, New York Media Center, Denver Film Festival).